Eloquent Reflections
Image, Etiquette, & Refinement Services
" Reflecting the Glory and Eloquence  of God in the Earth"
Welcome to Eloquent Reflections Image, Etiquette, & Refinement Services serving the South Carolina and North Carolina region.  At Eloquent Reflections I have one mission: To Educate, Inspire and transform my clients lives, by helping them to improve their Personal and Professional Image through Seminars and Individual Sessions.

Personal Development Services: Specializes in training individuals from the ages of 10 yrs. to adults in the areas of Life Skills. To include: Grooming, Wardrobe, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Civility Training, Personality Development, Resiliency Skills, Dining Etiquette, Character Development and more. Training will be centered on relevant modern day Life Skills  with a strong emphasis on developing Integrity, Self-management Skills and Respect for Self and Others;  building the individuals confidence, esteem, value and worth.  Which are the building blocks for greater productivity in ones Personal and Professional life.

Professional Development Services: Building a business and your the only employee at the moment?  Trying to move up the corporate ladder?   Or do you just want to develop a more polished and professional presence?   Whatever position in life you hold you should always present a polished image.  Each of us are a brand, we are the CEO's of our own company.  Are you representing your brand well?  If your current brand is not becoming to you, then you need to be coming to me. Let me teach you how to develop and project a polished, and professional image  build credibility and represent your brand well.

Career Services:  Specializing in training teens and adults, on how to effectively navigate there way to obtaining and maintaining employment.  From resume building, job searching, wardrobe development, communication skills, business etiquette, to interviewing for success ; giving them the necessary skills needed to compete and succeed in school, in business, and in life. "No Strategic Plan or Skills= NO JOB"

Welcome to Eloquent Reflections Image, Etiquette, & Refinement Services a company committed to  adding sustainable value to others inspiring them to improve their Personal and Professional Image.

Thomas Edison stated "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." I have dedicated myself to being an example of my clients 1%.  Book a  Seminar or Individual session today.  click here.
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