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Welcome to Eloquent Reflections Professional Development Training, Coaching and Refinement Service.   Eloquent Reflections has one goal: To add sustainable value to its clients from 13 years to adults by educating and inspiring them to raise there standards and perform at their highest level in there Professional and Personal life services below:

Individual Coaching

Image and Refinement Coaching- Does your image need a make over?   Are you making the right kind of impression personally or professionally?  Your image consist of so much more than what type of clothing you wear.  Visual Impression, Grooming, Wardrobe, Speech, Communication, Interpersonal, Social Skills, Etiquette, Mannerisms, Character, Work Ethic.  All are apart of the impression that we make upon others, your image is your brand it's what your known for.  Make an investment in your best asset.  Click here for detail services. 

Life CoachingDo you feel like your aimlessly wandering through life no purpose, no mission just surviving instead of thriving?  Have a goal(s) but keep hitting a road block?  Everyone at some point in life needs a coach to guide them in the right direction and assist them in navigating through life's obstacles.  I help you to do just that, by identifying your skills, building your confidence, developing a strategic plan, and teaching you how to implement that plan.  If you're ready to thrive? make an appointment today.

Career Coaching -  Are you prepared for your next opportunity?  Do you know what or where your next opportunity should or will be?   Don't disqualify yourself and seal the deal for someone else because you failed to prepare, were distracted and missed the opportunity.  
Let's get you ready and prepared for your next move. Click here for detail services.

​                                                Workshops and Seminars 

Professionalism Training- Professionalism is declining rapidly it also is critical to the success of any organization or business.  What we know is: No organization can exist without its' staff and no organization can be successful in its' mission without a well equipped staff.  
"Peak Performance through Professionalism" will educate your staff on the principles of professionalism, what it means and looks like to be a True Professional and challenge them  to become a peak performer and take your organization to another level.  Click here for detail information.

​Customer Service Training- In order for any organization to have longevity and sustainability it must have customers and companies that provide great customer service enjoy more sales growth and profits than those that do not.   People do business with those they like, know, respect, and trust become the kind of organization that builds rapport and loyalty with its' customers and see them return again and again because you've given them  
"World Class Customer Service".  Click here for detail information.

Creating a Toxic Free Work Environment- How can a 38 foot snake devour an entire company or organization?  through its' staff.  The training program "Managing yourself for absolute Success"  will teach your associates how to: identify toxic behaviors that may be holding them back from achieving there full potential and organizational goals.; and create a more pleasant,  fun productive, and toxic free work environment. Click here for detail information

Goal Achievement through Time Management- Everyone has goals individuals as well as organizations, but most don't achieve them. Why? They are either not based on your values, your mission or you don't know how to manage your time.  If you want to achieve your goals and get more done in less time than the training "Time Management" is for you. Click here

Life Skills for Young Adults- Are your young adults ready to take on life?  Are they prepared for the job market?  The training program "Life Skills for Young Adults" prepares and educates them on the essential life skills needed to be able to compete and succeed in school, in business, and in life. Click here for detail information.

Seminars -  Don't have enough time for a full workshop?   Build your very own 2 hr. seminar or 60 min. lunch and learn according to your needs choose from the full list of services. Click here 

​Thomas Edison stated "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." I have dedicated myself to being an example of my clients 1%.  If your looking for a trainer who is a product of what she teaches and can inspire you or your organization to become there absolute best, look no further click here for testimonials.  


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