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" Educating, Motivating, and Transforming Lives"
Welcome to ER Consulting, Eloquent Reflections a  Professional Development Training, Coaching and Refinement Service.  ER Consulting have one mission: To add sustainable value to its clients; by inspiring them to raise there standards and performance level through educational seminars, and individual coaching.   Services below:
                                                           Individual Services

Career Counseling-  Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviewing Prep, Job Searching, Finding the right fit.   Are you prepared for your next opportunity?  Do you know what or where your next opportunity should be?   Don't disqualify yourself and seal the deal for someone else because you failed to prepare.  Let's collaborate and get you educated and prepared for your next move.

Image Consulting- Does your image need a make over?  Do you know what  kind of impression your making?   What is the affect on others after they encounter you?  Are you attracting or repelling them?  Your image is so much more than what type of clothing you wear.  Your image is your brand, it's your calling card, it's what your known for.    If your lacking any of these skills you need to come see me. Social/Soft Skills, Civility, Manners, Etiquette Training, Impression Management, Communication, Conversational Skills, Wardrobe Development.  Let's discuss developing these much needed life and self-management Skills to help you put your best foot forward, and be successful in School, in Business, in Relationships, and in Life.  
                                                            Organizational Training Programs

Professionalism Training- What sets an organization apart from the rest? knowledge and implementation of the five principles of Professionalism it's the mark of distinction. 

​Customer Service Training- Customers do business with those they like, know, respect, and trust become the kind of business that builds customer loyalty and see your customer return again and again.

Team Building Training- Are there obstacles or communication barriers holding your staff back from achieving organizational goals?   Learn to identify those obstacles and eliminate them,  creating self-awareness, cultural awareness, cohesiveness and achieve team/organizational success.

​Thomas Edison said "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." I have dedicated myself to being an example of my clients 1%.  If your looking for a consultant/trainer to inspire you or your organization to become there absolute best, look no further click here for testimonials. Book a Seminar for your organization or Individual session today, you'll be glad you did.


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