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Professional Development

- Great material even better presenter!

- Thanks for a great training very inspiring

-The information was delivered very well. I look forward  to more training's with Ms.         Dezelle

- This is one of the only training's I've attended that has fully kept my attention and I            learned a great deal.

- This training was an awesome form of knowledge for everyone, new and old                

- I really enjoyed the class and it helped me to see my strong points and weak points.

- I enjoyed what I have learned about being a professional teacher and co-worker.

- Absolutely enjoyed it Even though it was short, I learned alot and it made me want to 
  do better.

- Ms. Robin did an excellent job! One of the more beneficial training's I've had here, 
  encouraging and uplifting.

- Excellent presentation Thank you!

- You make me feel like you care about my success, I appreciate you.  Moreover, you 
   increased my knowledge about my self-worth.

- I first want to thank you again for that wonderful class. I have been applying principles   learned during that class all weekend. Also I am happy to say that first thing this        
  morning I went into my manager's office and said that I would really like to be    
  considered for a position that just opened up. To be honest, I would have never went  
  and said anything had I not been in your class. Thank you again for inspiring us.

Career Services

- My resume has never looked so amazing! She is pretty amazing at what she does. I 
  went in and showed her my resume and she literally helped me turn it into one hell of a   resume!! She showed me why I wasn’t getting calls and helped me fix it…

- Hi Robin,
  I just wanted to take a moment to really thank you for all your help today. I left that 
  class with so much knowledge and ready to conquer the working field Thank you!

- Not only was I motivated by the advice given, I was empowered with tools needed to 

- Gave me important information that I had never seen before. Love.

- This class gave me great ideas to make my resume stand out. 

- Mrs. Robin did an excellent job. Her lecture was as engaging as it was informative. I 
  love how she helps others.

- Great class enjoyed and was very educational along with interesting.

​- Great job and very knowledgeable about what to do to get a job

​- Miss Robin is very professional and a true educator on job readiness and the level of 
  knowledge she portrayed in my interviewing for success was priceless. I love her poise 
  and great mentorship on coaching life skills for a great interview, employment and 
  professional skills.

- Wow! I learned more and that I have self-worth
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