Robin D. Washington
​                                                    Leading with her Life

Professional Development Consultant, Trainer, Educator, Refiner, and Certified Master Life Coach,  has been consulting on Image, Etiquette, Career, and Personal improvement for over twenty years. With a love for fashion and style she enhanced her skills by studying Fashion Merchandising in College.   A contractor with the U.S. Government she educates and trains Americas finest in the areas of Career and Life Skills.

While employed in the fields of management and human resources, she became keenly aware of the importance and creditably factor, of possessing:  integrity, competency, excellent human relation, social, communication skills and projecting an authentic professional presence among those she supervised, her colleagues, and her customers.

While attending a company training seminar on excellence in the workplace, she discovered she wanted to start her own business educating others on how to improve there performance level and develop there Personal and Professional Image.

With her knowledge training and experience in the fields of: Human Resources, Management, Career Counseling and Personal Improvement she has merged these skills turning her passion into her occupation creating Eloquent Reflections Professional Development Training, Coaching, and Refinement Services. 

With a strong desire to see individuals and organizations raise there standards and perform at their highest level.  She has partnered with top training company  The Goals Institute who brings forth relevant professional development training, suitable for today's changing culture and market.  

Mrs. Washington's guiding principle:  In order to effectively teach and make an impact one must already be an ambassador of what they are persuading others to become.


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