Eloquent Reflections
Image, Etiquette, & Refinement Services
" Reflecting the Glory and Eloquence of God in the Earth"

Robin D. Dezelle

Personal Development Consultant/ Inspirational Teacher has been consulting on Wardrobe, Image, and Etiquette, for over twenty years. With a love for fashion and style, she enhanced her skills by studying Fashion Merchandising in College.  A gifted and compelling orator her poetic expressions are inspirational, and empowering, in the lives of those who hear. A contractor with the U.S. Government she teaches Life Skills and Career Counseling to Service members and their families.

While employed in the fields of management and human resources, she became keenly aware of the importance and creditably factor, of possessing excellent human relation, social, communication skills and projecting a professional image among those she supervised, her colleagues and her customers. 

While attending a company training seminar on excellence in the workplace, she discovered she wanted to start her own business educating others on how to improve and develop there Personal and Professional Image.

With her knowledge training and experience in the fields of: Modeling, Human Resources, Management, Communication, Social Skills, and Personal Improvement. She has merged these skills to create Eloquent Reflections Image, Etiquette & Refinement Services. It's mission: To add sustainable value to others by helping them to improve there Personal and Professional Image. 

With a passionate desire to see all people be and perform at their ultimate best, she has developed seminars and individual sessions to help them properly develop their image inwardly as well as outwardly thereby developing the entire image. Which ultimately will produce a more Powerful, Confident, Polished, Creditable, and Authentic Personal and Professional Image. 

Miss Dezelle's guiding principle: In order to effectively teach, make an impact and build creditability with others, one must already be an Ambassador of what they are persuading others to become.

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